Hand over your painting projects to us. We do it all! With Glover Painting, you can go away and come back to a completely refreshed and updated house, with all the furniture and pictures put back I their original place. Perfect for the elderly or people that do not like to paint.

We do residential and commercial painting jobs. We do interior and exterior painting. To do these jobs properly we have expertise in:


  • We paint window sash, barge boards, fascia boards and wood trim.
  • We check wood surfaces before painting with a moisture meter to insure moisture levels are low enough to hold the primer.
  • We check for dry rot in the wood. If found we bring the problem to the customer’s attention. We have a finishing carpenter on staff who can duplicate any piece of wood. The areas where dry rotted wood has been found we wash the surrounding areas with copper naphthanate that kills the dry rot fungus.
  • We pride ourselves in being the only painting company in Victoria who primes all the exterior wood before top coating. Any rust bleeding through from roofing nails or whatever are primed with a rust inhibitor. . The short oil or long oil primers we use tie to the grains of the wood to provide a solid anchor for the exterior top coat. We use superior top coats that provide long lasting protection from sun and rain. That way the woodwork lasts much longer before having to repaint.

Decks and Stairs

  • We make sure all surfaces are safe and secure.
  • Any rotten wood found we bring to the customers attention and replace when approved by the customer.
  • We use the proper products for each job so the decks, caps, stairs and spindles will not need repainting for years.
  • We make sure we use non skid grit on treads and decks to make them safe in rain and snow.
  • We use Flood Self Priming Deck and Siding Stains that are the most durable stains on the market. Come in a variety of types from clear to solid color.

Exterior Plaster (stucco)

  • We wash the stucco to remove mildew, fungus and dirt.
  • We make sure we use an acrylic binder in our first coat to make sure the new products adhere to the old substrates.
  • We use Elastomeric Waterproof Coating that transform the exterior plaster on a house. Works on California Stucco, Rock Dash, Glass Dash and Brick. Comes with a ten-year guarantee and has an insulation R rating, making the plaster warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.